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Finally. High resolution, high quality fine art and vintage art by instant digital download. Created in 300-3000 dpi, up to 6000 pixels at their longest sides, without any usage limitations or commercial licensing restrictions. No linkbacks required. No permissions needed. No usage fees or draconian FAQs/Terms. Archival, professional quality for printing and more. Without even one rule or restriction.You will find many of these very same images for singular download--with commercial use caveats--for over $100.00, $200.00 or more per download, most likely with restrictions attached. Our prices are simply unprecedented and our quality is beyond compare. And our terms? Nobody else can touch them.

We Are An Unprecedented One-Stop-Shopping Resource for:
-Commercial Printers/Framers: sellers of prints on paper or canvas
-Artists, Collagists, Graphic, Logo and Web Designers, Altered Artists
-Ad Agencies, Marketing Companies, Universities, Teachers
-Decoupagers, Crafters, Scrapbookers, Jewelery Designers
-Historians, Collectors, Art Enthusiasts
-Greeting Card Designers

-Entrepreneurs, Start-Up Businesses
-Cafe Press/Zazzle Member Artists

Here, you will find all kinds of exclusive, one-of-a-kind digital fine, classic art and vintage images to use as accents, elements and backgrounds with which you can built your masterpieces. Everything from old Americana to Art Nouveau to 16th Century Art. We also have beautiful high resolution backgrounds; lovely antique gems and objects in Photoshop format; scenery objects and background images as well as works from the classic masters and vintage posters, ads, labels, postcards and more. All ready to download and use without restriction of any kind. Low res images are priced low, accordingly.

What's New For Autumn 2009?

Click here to see the Holiday Section.

Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! Beautiful vintage Halloween cards are here or the image above to take a peek. They are at the very end of the Holiday Section.

Certainly some of the most magical pieces of art are Victoriana: specifically, Victorian Fairies. We've just added a stunning new section featuring the Victorian masters of fairy and nymph artworks from the 1800's to the early 1900's. Most of the images will be archival, ie, high resolution images especially suited for printing. Check out the new Fairy section by clicking here.

Resolution, Archival Quality and Printing-Enhanced.
When we say printing ready, we don't mean 1000-1200 pixel images, which is pretty much the norm as far as what our competition sells. What good is a CD ROM with 500 images when none of them are fit for printing? Although we do have some low res images, and they are priced accordingly, the lion's share of this site constitutes high resolution images that range from 2500 to 5000 pixels on their longest sides, scanned in 300-3600 DPI; some go up to 6000 pixels. Most are painstakingly retouched, enhanced and restored. This kind of quality image is essential for those who care about quality results. Since our main business is the printing of fine art on tile wall murals, we are experts in making images printing-ready, as it's our business. Changing the size in Photoshop is not enlarging.

At What Size Will These Images Print?
It depends on the resolution you choose to print with. Let's say you want to print at 300 dpi. A 2500 x 2500 pixel image will print out very crisply at about 8.3" x 8.3". However, you can also get an excellent commercial quality print at 200 dpi. The aforementioned pixel size at 200 dpi will yield an excellent 12.5" x 12.5" print. The images on this site, in 300 dpi, will range anywhere from 2" to 14". The more data the image has, and the bigger the print it will yield, the higher the price will be. The average print size at 300 dpi on this site is 8"x 10".

Keep this in mind: if the image is 1200-2400 DPI, you can get much BIGGER prints than 8 x 10 because the data will support it. In other words, very high resolutions will yield bigger prints because there is enough data there to enlarge safely without lossy.

Some images will reach as large as 10" x 16" in 300 dpi. Rule of thumb: a 3000 x 3000 pixel image will print at 10" x 10" at 300 dpi.

Please do not not expect all images to print perfectly. We do *not* guarantee printing quality on all images. Inexpensive images are meant for artwork and crafting, not printing. Vintage images come from varied sources and, as such, have varied levels of detail. Archival images--marked thusly and priced accordingly--are the ones that best lend themselves to printing.

Public Domain Disclaimer
To the very best of our knowledge, all of these images are public domain in the United States of America. We cannot be held responsible if any of these images are not deemed public domain outside the United States. The buyer is wholly responsible for researching the public domain laws of their home country, and Vintage Art Download cannot be held responsible for any infringement outside the US. If you feel any of these images are in violation in the United States, and claim to be the legal copyright holder or representative of the copyright holder of an image seen on this site, please forward any legal documentation and proof of your claim and we will respond accordingly.

Many of these images are archival quality.
That means they were photographed by amazingly expensive cameras with special archival film, or scanned at wildly high resolutions--like 2400 dpi or more.

I Want a 24" print in 300 DPI.
Our average print size is about 8 x 10 in 300 dpi. If you want an image (or images) in a higher resolution, please contact us. We very likely have what you want.

I am seeking a certain Van Gogh, Monet, etc.
We have a huge archive of vintage high resolution art that is not online. It would take us decades to get everything we have online. If there is something special you want--whether it's a fine artist or a type of vintage ad, contact us. We are confident we have what you need.

Special Services.
If you need old photos restored or retouched, or if you need higher resolution of an image than what is available here, are seeking a certain artist, or would like to print these works on glass, ceramic or tumbled marble tile, please contact us.

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